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About me

My name is Hugo Martinez and my wife and I moved to Knoxville five years ago. We really enjoy beautiful East Tennessee. I began shooting real estate photography because of my love for real estate and capturing it at its best.


Here are some of the ways I will compliment your brand:

• I will introduce myself as your photographer, not Knox RE photographer.

• On time is 5 minutes early. I won't waste you or your clients time.

• I will always dress professionally.

• I take extra time to tidy what I can to make your media look the best possible.

• Before moving items, I will always ask the sellers permission, and always put everything back.

• I turn off the lights I turned on before leaving the shoot.

• I guarantee 24 hour turn around time, but almost always deliver media before 12pm the following day.

Interested in working with me? I'd love to meet you.



Capturing Real Estate at its best


Let's talk

Tel: 562-355-4062 



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